About Davis Funeral Chapel

Why Bob Davis Founded Davis Funeral Chapel

(And Some Good Advice)

About eighteen years ago, Bob Davis realized he had paid way too much for his fathers funeral. A $20,000 insurance policy just barely covered the costs.

After the dirt had settled, he began to question why it should cost so much to bury a loved one. It seemed that there were no alternatives to being fleeced at the time of need.

The highest priced part of the funeral was the casket itself. $10,000 for a metal box was crazy. You wouldn’t pay that much for a refrigerator about the same size, and you get a lot more with it.

Thinking back to his childhood, Bob remembered that his Grandfather was in the funeral business, and he remembered how they marked everything up thousands of dollars because you couldn’t get caskets anywhere else. People had no choice.

Bob decided to open retail stores where people could come without the pressure of the funeral home or the guilt being pushed on them to buy “The last thing you can buy for your Mother.”

In trying to open his first store, he found that he was dealing with a very secret society, the Funeral Industry.

They don’t want people to be able to shop around for their goods and services. People might get wise to what’s happening. The less you know the better for them. Don’t ask any questions.

According to Federal Law, you can buy your funeral merchandise wherever you choose. But where? Another Funeral Home??

So, Bob opened the first Casket store, where he sells caskets, headstones and other funeral goods at very low, reasonable prices.

Now folks had a choice. Same goods, lower prices. Much lower prices. Folks could save thousands.

Some really good money-saving tips:

  • Shop Around before hand. Know your options! Approach it as you would any major purchase. You wouldn’t buy the first used car you saw, or the first computer or TV, and those are a whole lot cheaper.
  • Before discussing it with the funeral home, go in and get their price list for services and caskets. If they won’t give you both don’t go back! No matter what their excuse.
  • Sit down at home and figure out what you want and can afford without having the Funeral Director guiding you or telling you what you can or can not do. Federal Law says you can do anything you want. And you can purchase caskets and other funeral goods anywhere you want.
  • Never tell if you have insurance or not. You don’t need to show them the policy. Your bank will loan you the money against the policy and this will save you thousands. A trick question is, “How many copies of the Death Certificate do you need?.” If you say more than one, they assume you have more insurance,or an estate, and the price goes up.
  • When they try to get you to make a quick decision on the casket or services, tell them you have to discuss it with other family members not present. If they are a reputable home there should be no problem. If there is a problem, LOOK OUT! Shop around.
  • When you look at caskets, the words “Protected” or “sealer” will come up. Nothing is a “permanent” seal. That term is deceptive. A seal may help keep the elements out for a short time, but nothing is permanent. Don’t fall for that story. Besides, When you seal something up, you destroy it. Think about what happens when you seal something up in Tupperware and put it in the fridge for 6 months. What happens to that?? It turns to mush and gets fuzzy. One of the largest casket companies in the world has a ton of lawsuits about the poor quality of their caskets. When you read the extra fine print their “Lifetime” warranty is only good for a couple of years.

When visiting Europe, Bob saw large Funeral stores, like a Sam’s, where people go in, get a buggy, pick up the funeral goods they need and check out up front. No pressure, no guilt, and freedom of choice as to what fit their needs.

When he opened his stores, the Funeral Industry immediately started a smear campaign. His caskets, they said, are of poor quality. The handles break off, or the bottoms fall out!

But Bob sells the same quality as they do.Buys them at the same place, so if his are bad, so are theirs. After many years, there has never been a problem with his caskets, while there has been with some national brands we all know in the news lately.

The Funeral Industry would tell people ANYTHING to keep them from comparing or coming to his store to see for themselves. Funeral homes prey on the family’s inability to think clearly in their time of grief.

But Bob’s past customers keep coming back. They are very loyal because they know the savings trust his honest answers.

Funeral Homes have started sham pricing techniques, with packaged prices so that you will think you must buy the casket with the service. Some funeral homes have lowered casket prices, but at the same time raised the price of the service to get their profit back. One national chain charges $2995 just to talk to you in a “arrangement confrence” which is nothing more than a sales pitch. So you’re paying them to sell you something.

This is highly illegal, according to the FTC rules. Some Funeral homes play every dirty trick in the book on their families. And they get away with it, because the family is standing there with tears in their eyes, really not thinking clearly at all, while the Funeral Director is thinking “Bottom line” and trying to find out how much insurance they have or what kind of car are they driving and the neighborhood they live in.

  • Don’t buy your headstone for at least 4 months, the ground needs time to settle. Do it too fast and you’ll have to pay extra to have it re-set later. And, you can buy your headstone anywhere you want to as well. Shop around! You can save about half.
  • If one Funeral Home picks up the body and you decide to move to another one because the price is too high, you can. they can’t stop you or hold the body for ransom. That’s against the law, the same as kidnapping. They may squeal like a fat pig, but it’s your money. Even if you sign a contract, you have 72 hours to cancel it, after all, you’re under duress.
  • Be wary of so-called “cremation societies’. Most of these are fronts for large Corporate Funeral Homes. They woo you in with a low price so you think it is a discount and then stick it to the family after you’re gone with “extras” such as chapel service, casket and embalming. That $700 cremation quickly turns into a $7000 funeral.
  • They want to get as many family members as they can at the sales conference because every family member will want to add something to the service and help run the costs up. Remember, this is a “Sales” conference, you are being sold a bill of goods. So leave the Preacher at home, especially if he suggests a certain funeral home. It’s probably his golf buddy and he gets his piece of the action.
  • Beware of the after service “Grief Counseling”. This is a good time to sell you a big Pre-need policy and to get all your relatives signed up as well.
  • Pre-Need is NOT what you think. When the family shows up at the funeral home after you’re gone, they’re in for a shock on what it doesn’t cover. Read the fine print. And chances are that fine casket you picked out won’t be there either. Put your money in a trust account at the bank, that way it will be there when needed. The courts are full of lawsuits of families suing over Pre-need. Look on the Internet. The truth is out there. Pre-need funds may be put into the Wall Street Market and you see what has happened to that.
After a couple of years of hearing stories from his customers about the tricks, scams and high prices of some funeral homes, Bob decided to open his own funeral home, to provide a fair and reasonable service at a fair price. He attended mortuary college in Dallas while still running three businesses.

Not everyone can afford a $10,000 – $20,000 funeral. That’s probably more than they would pay for their car. You shouldn’t have to take a second mortgage just to bury grandma. Even if she has a big insurance policy, the bills still go on. Usually there are still medical bills to pay, and other things folks don’t think of at the time. She would rather you spend the money for college for the kids. The funeral home is not going to put food on your table or gas in your car.

Bob Davis’s funeral home is called, “Davis Funeral Chapel.” The chapel is located at 6428 Brentwood Stair, in Fort Worth. The phone number is 817-429-3441. It’s a nice little place, with lots of personal service. Bob only does one funeral at a time. Or you may use a church like the one in the photos or your own.

They adjust the service to your needs, and can bury in any cemetery.

Through the chapel, Bob sells caskets for the same low prices as his casket stores.

You can buy your casket at either of Bob’s two Tarrant County stores: 5430 E. Lancaster in Fort Worth, 817-654-9438   Or, you can buy a casket from somewhere else. Bob doesn’t mind at all. It’s just whatever YOU want to do.

There is no guilt or pressure used as a selling technique. Bob tries very hard to fulfill your wishes, and to care for your loved one with dignity and respect.

Phones are answered 24 hours a day, and you can speak to Bob personally. Even If you only need an honest 2nd opinion or some free advice, give him a call.

Call Us or Stop By

817-429-3441 6428 Brentwood Stair Road Fort Worth, TX 76112